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As the most compact hot-air hand tool from Leister, the HOT JET S’ low weight of 600 grams (1.3 lbs.)--including cord and slim handle--ensures high-powered, fatigue-free welding.

Handiness, reliability and versatility are the key arguments in favor of the TRIAC ST

The TRIAC AT is an intelligent hot-air hand tool for welding and shrinking plastics that is suitable for on-site use.

Leister's most powerful hand tool ELECTRON ST. Suitable for construction sites.

It is extremely well-suited for flameless shrinking of pallets and bulk goods.

This is why it is lighter, quieter and more durable than any other hot-air hand tool. Discover its unbeatable advantages – SOLANO AT.

Universal tool for welding and shrinking. Thanks to its two-step airflow switching and steplessly adjustable temperature, the GHIBLI can be used for the most diverse applications.

Extremely powerful and compact hot air blower in the industry standard (controlled). Thanks to handle also for mobile use.

The DIODE S easily puts you in control with a manual temperature knob.

The closed-loop DIODE PID provides the perfect welding temperature at all times.

The fatigue-free LABOR S is a "jack of all trades." Its small size makes it ideal for perfect welding in small spaces.

The WELDING PEN is a hot-air hand tool optimized  for draw welding. Due to its slim design and swivelling external air supply it makes hard work easy.

The WELDING PEN S is a hot-air hand tool optimized for draw welding. Due to its slim design and swiveling external air supply, it makes hard work easy.