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Turnkey systems
The NOVOLAS WS-AT series offers turnkey laser systems for welding plastics. These machines are modular and suitable for universal use. Each NOVOLAS WS-AT laser system can be equipped with multiple laser modules and processing heads, which increases productivity and, in turn, profitability.

To increase productivity even further, the NOVOLAS WS-AT is also available with a rotary indexing table. There is a choice of two or three indexing steps.

As a result, systems can also be integrated into a process chain and manual workstations can be turned into automated production lines.

The system provides outstanding functionality integrated in a small footprint. The compact turnkey system offers all advantages of laser welding of plastics in an affordable and easily programmable system.

All-modular and all-purpose system. Contains all components necessary for processing. Ready for connection of all options.

NOVOLAS WS-AT is now available also with a rotary indexing table (RTT).

Continental (Switzerland). The WS II has been integrated into the production chain. Three different components can be welded.